the science and tools for tomorrows work life

Work Life Lab is here to inspire your ways of working, through Science frontiers, best practises and innovative, bold approaches to rethinking how we organize work, create value in new ways - and thrive in the changing work landscape. 


The Work Life Lab includes global partners and thought leaders within the realm of technology, innovation, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and future studies that will be announced during 2024. 


The platform is headed up by Louise Opprud, who you can read more about below.



Portrait photo of Louise Opprud

Louise is an engineer by training and a curious spirit by heart. She spent the last 12 years, interviewing and visiting companies like NASA, Pixar, X at Google, LEGO Ventures, Spotify and many more - to distill the most future proof ways of working.

She has helped global companies think and work in new ways, among others MBR Space Center (UAE), Government of Scotland, DR, LEGO, Novo Nordisk, McKinsey & Co., Hyper Island, Børsen, VEGA, BMW, Genmab and Google.

She lives in Copenhagen, and works internationally out of Paris and often San Francisco - and is launching the Work Life Lab in 2024.

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