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A stressed brain has no capacity for innovation, complex thinking or learning - the key skills of the future. Redesigning work to foster resilience and be human-centric is not just meaningful, it is the best business strategy for performance.

Work Life Lab is a platform for science-backed strategies for productivity, creativity, and mental well-being to design the future of work for you - and your organization.

Customers redesigning their ways of working for the future

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How the Work Life Lab
will help you

The Work Life Lab is a platform that guides you through rethinking and redesigning your work step by step.

It’s for the companies, teams and individuals that want the:

Mindset: Understand the Future of Work and how AI will change what has value as work
Toolset: Methods and tools from neuroscience, and insights from the world's most innovative companies on creative performance, productivity and mental wellbeing  
Skillset: Hands-on experimentation that will teach you to improve and innovate work and team cultures continuously
You will get 6 online masterclass modules and 6 workbooks that will guide you through a step-by-step process of redesigning your work life and daily work habits

AI & the future of work
Digital work culture: The Cost of distractions
Focus is the new IQ

A workday without stress: The Science of rest
Exercise at work: The shortcut to creative thinking
Your highest work state: Finding Flow

Join the Work Life Lab to have the tools and methods you will need to stay relevant.

Workbook Examples

The work books will guide you and your team through essential discussions while explaining the methods and the implementation of new ways of working in steps. It´s a simple and powerful process that will move your mindset and way of working forward.

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Keynotes and lectures

Book a keynote for deep insights and inspiration on the Future of Work. Request an existing keynote speech, or get a custom made keynote for your organisation to ignite and inspire employees & audiences.

Intimate workshops with teams, leaders and executives are also available.

Free Live Training

Register for the next live training held by Louise Opprud. In these sessions she will share select methods and tools you can use today, to improve your work life tomorrow.


The MasterClass contains the Science, the inspiration and the tools that will allow any team or individual to rethink and redesign work to be productive, future-proof and strengthening mental wellbeing.

Download Workbook

Start your journey here - in this work book you find 10 starter steps for having a greater, more energized, efficient and creative way of working.

work and wellbeing can fit tomorrows demands together